Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program

professional innovation education to address gaps in pediatric care

Participants in the 2014 catalyst program cycle at a workshop at Texas Children's Hospital

Participants in the 2014 catalyst program cycle at a workshop at Texas Children's Hospital

The Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program is a professional education experience for nurses and allied health professionals. The curriculum gives clinicians the skills necessary to evaluate clinical problems and develop device solutions. 

Currently, the Catalyst program includes participants from four consortium hospitals. Every year a new hospital-acquired condition (HAC) is chosen by the member hospitals to be the focus of the current cycle. Previous cycles' focuses have included central-line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) and pressure ulcers, unplanned extubations, which have resulted in devices to combat these HACs. This year the focus is on adverse drug events, or when medications cause injury.


The program is designed to address systemic challenges in pediatric healthcare. Pediatric clinicians nationwide often need to adapt and improvise medical devices and materials needed for day-to-day patient care because most companies have not considered the pediatric market attractive.

Catalyst program logic model. Click to enlarge.


Under IPI's leadership, teams of clinicians work together to develop solutions to a specific pediatric health challenge through a series of innovation training workshops. Participants define needed products and develop the case for aligning with industry partners to bring them to fruition. Using BioDesign methods adapted to the unique requirements of the pediatric care and market environments, IPI places front-line clinicians at the center of the innovation process. At the close of the program, actual product solutions will be connected to industry partners to become commercially available. 

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