Medical Device Innovation

Pediatric medical device technology often lags five to ten years behind new technology for adults. The Institute for Pediatric Innovation is committed to furthering innovation of medical devices designed specifically to meet the needs of children.

IPI/Pfizer Device Challenge

IPI is collaborating with Pfizer to administer a global design competition to develop a device for dispensing medicines that have been formulated using the company’s novel pediatric formulation technology. More information can be found on Pfizer's website


New England Pediatric Device Consortium (NEPDC)

IPI is a founding member of the FDA-funded New England Pediatric Device Consortium, which assists innovators in overcoming the barriers to commercializing pediatric devices. In 2015, the NEPDC funded a variety of pediatric technologies, including: Subcutaneous Rehydration Device (University Hospitals), Cinch: Compliance Tracking Scoliosis Brace (Wellinks), Z-Score Tape (Children’s Mercy Hospital), Tongue Retractor (Mass General Hospital), Primo-Lacto (Maternal Life), Body Data Recorder (Awarables, Inc.), Smart Monitor 3 (Circadiance), EZ-Feeder (Sandbox Medical), and Needle-Free Blood Draw Device (Velano Vascular). 


Pediatric Medical Device Hub

The Pediatric Medical Device Hub is a website and database that enables clinicians to share feedback on the medical devices used in their workplaces. It was developed as part of the first Clinical Innovation Catalyst program's work on device-related pressure ulcers. It is now used as part of the program curriculum and has attracted interest for wider application.