Our History

Founder Don Lombardi poses with IPI's logo at the New York Stock Exchange before ringing the closing bell in August of 2016.

Founder Don Lombardi poses with IPI's logo at the New York Stock Exchange before ringing the closing bell in August of 2016.

After 15 years in intellectual property management and technology transfer at Boston Children's Hospital, founder Donald Lombardi recognized serious gaps in the development of medicines and devices for children. He founded the Institute for Pediatric Innovation in 2006 to address these gaps. IPI targets children's health conditions by collaborating with the people who know best - caregivers, nurses, doctors, and stakeholders throughout the pediatric community worldwide.

Over the years, IPI has learned many lessons and celebrated many successes. We assisted in forming the New England Pediatric Device Consortium and continue to identify and develop needed new pharmaceutical formulations for children. For two years we have worked with Pfizer and Shire on best practices in pediatric drug development. We first focused on the palatability of pediatric medication, with a WHO-funded study in sub-Saharan Africa. And now we will be publishing our second article with Shire and Pfizer on children's assent in their treatment.

Through successful partnership with Silvergate Pharmaceuticals and other experts, we aided in developing a medicine specifically designed for small children with high blood pressure. Before its creation, children were reliant on adult blood pressure pills that were difficult to dose accurately and administer to younger patients. The pediatric reformulation of this medicine, called Epaned(TM), is now on the market nationwide.

In 2013 our flagship Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program was born. From this professional development program, we helped to create a new device to address pressure ulcers in children. Now we are in the early stages of development on four devices to combat central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) in pediatric patients. The future is bright for IPI as we look forward to the growth of the catalyst program. We are also excited to be branching out further into the global health sector with the Global Alliance for Pediatric Therapeutics (GAPT). With GAPT we are looking to partner with other global health organizations to improve pediatric formulations for HIV/AIDS treatment in sub-Saharan Africa and around the world.