IPI and Pfizer Launch Multiparticulate Device Challenge

Program Seeks Innovative Proposals for Dispensing Pediatric Drug Formulations

IPI is thrilled to announce the launch of the Pediatric Device Challenge, run through a partnership with Pfizer. We seek individuals and groups with innovative ideas for the design of a device that can measure and administer medication to pediatric patients.  We're looking for device design proposals that will be appropriate for use in low resource settings, where pediatric drug availability and access are especially important problems to address.

We believe that “less is more” and seek to minimize device complexity while maximizing device utility. Designs need to be child-friendly, child-misuse resistant, and capable of delivering doses relevant for therapy in low-resource settings.

Any winning applicant will be eligible for up to $50,000 of grant funding provided by Pfizer. For those seeking more information, there will be a Q&A session held via conference call on April 12, 2016 at 11:00am-noon EDT. The deadline for letters of intent is May 16, 2016. Instructions for applications and registration for the informational conference call can be found at: http://www.pfizer.com/responsibility/grants_contributions/device_challenge

IPI CEO and Founder Donald Lombardi stated,

“IPI is excited to work with Pfizer to support the creation of a device that can impact pediatric health on a global scale. The drug delivery device will address a real need in getting medicines to children in a way that’s adapted to their needs.”

A review committee composed of engineers, end users and experts will make funding decisions. The committee will evaluate design proposals for dose accuracy, cost, end user ease of use, and cultural appropriateness.

An experienced panel of experts will assist in reviewing device proposals. Members of the panel include Donald Lombardi (IPI), Richard Korsmeyer, PhD (Pfizer), Stephen Gerrard, PhD (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Niya Bowers, PhD (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Richard Greenwald, PhD (NEPDC), Darin Zehrung, MBA (PATH), Annie Rein-Weston, MS (PATH), Susan Elliot, PhD, RNC, APRN-BC, PHN, Jeff Hovis, MBA (Product Genesis), Josh Tolkoff, MS (Ironwood Ventures), Anwar Upal, MS (Carestream), and Kevin Deane (PA Consulting).

Please contact Winnie Wong at winnie.wong@pediatricinnovation.org for more information!