IPI Rings Closing Bell at New York Stock Exchange

IPI Bell Ringers!  Photo Credit: NYSE

IPI Bell Ringers! Photo Credit: NYSE

The tenth anniversary celebrations go on! To celebrate, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) welcomed IPI to ring the closing bell on Thursday, 18 August.

Ringing the opening and closing bell at the stock exchange is an important aspect of the marketplace. No sale is to take place before the opening bell is rung or after the closing bell. First used in 1870, the original trading floor bell was a Chinese gong, but that has since been replaced with a serious of four bells (in the four different trading areas of the exchange) that are rung electronically simultaneously. Since 1956, when 10-year-old Leonard Ross won a television contest about the stock exchange, guests have been invited to ring the opening or closing bell in televised events.

President and Founder Don Lombardi (left) and CEO Stephan Evangelista (right) show off their thank you medallions.  Photo Credit: NYSE

President and Founder Don Lombardi (left) and CEO Stephan Evangelista (right) show off their thank you medallions. Photo Credit: NYSE

On Thursday, the 18th, it was IPI’s turn for that honor. Among the attendees representing IPI were Catalyst Program Steering Committee member Claudia Hoyen and her 13-year-old daughter, Elisabeth. Elisabeth was the only kid to accompany the group. Claudia thought it was important to bring her along because IPI “does it for the kids,” she said. Plus Elisabeth has been a pediatric patient at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital—one of four hospitals in our consortium—three times. It was due to innovations in pediatric technologies that Elisabeth was able to get better, which has inspired Claudia in her work as Director of Pediatric Innovation at Rainbow Babies, as well as her collaboration with IPI.

Actually doing the bell ringing was CEO Stephen Evangelista. He and Donald Lombardi, founder and president of IPI, were presented with a medallion to thank them for ringing the bell. Steve has been CEO of IPI since 1 July, although he has been involved with the organization as a consultant for over a year.

For more information on the history of the NYSE bell ringing, visit www.nyse.com/bell/history. To view the video of IPI ringing the closing bell, check out livestream.com/NYSE/InstituteforPediatricInnovation.