Nurses Drive Innovation: The Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program

Nurses and allied health professionals spend every day on the front line of clinical pediatric care.

In a pediatric market in desperate need of specific devices and technologies, these individuals know the challenges faced by our youngest patients better than anyone. Many of them are already coming up with creative solutions or “workarounds” to the problems they encounter on a daily basis.

“Pediatric drug and device development is underfunded and poorly supported because companies lack market incentives to provide the necessary tools for innovation,” explains CEO Don Lombardi. A new business model is necessary to fill this gap and support development of pediatric specific innovations.

IPI is excited to announce the launch of our Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program. This program taps into the wealth of knowledge and creative talents held by nurses and allied health professionals to solve pediatric patient care needs. IPI aims to educate these health professionals in effective practices for creating innovations that can effectively impact clinical outcomes as well as costs. IPI believes that nurses are innovators, and the Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program will give them the tools to create drugs and devices that children need.

How it works:

IPI has formed a steering committee made up of representatives from each of four children’s hospitals nationwide. The steering committee oversees the professional development program focusing on clinical product innovation.

The Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program will focus on solving healthcare associated conditions. The current focus of the program is CLABSI – Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections. CLABSI currently affects more than 700,000 patients annually in the United States.

Through the program, front-line clinicians take part in a series of workshops to develop actual product solutions to the proposed problem. Ultimately, clinicians present their final design plans to corporate partners for commercial production.

In addition to creating innovative problem-solving pediatric devices, the Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program aims to help nurses become innovation catalysts themselves. The educational aspect of this program gives patient care team members a new role as innovators in their pediatric healthcare center. IPI also aims to help the institutions develop the infrastructure to support future clinician innovations moving forward.

For more information about IPI’s Clinical Innovation Catalyst Program, contact Suzanne Grillo at or Donald Lombardi at