We provide underserved patients and families with access to the digital health advances of clinicians, innovators, and industry. The Institute for Pediatric Innovation believes that everyone should have access to the advantages of digital health.


To help innovation take off, the Institute for Pediatric Innovation focuses on 4 keys to promote IDEA’s: Identify, Disseminate, Educate and Advocate. We seek to identify key innovations that are proven and serve our mission. Once identified, we seek to Disseminate new technologies through or network. Education is the importance of engaging both providers and patients in using technology. Finally, Advocacy for public policy that enhances care thru technology for all children.


Identify innovation that is working and needs support to scale.


Disseminate best practices and digital tools to assist.


Educate and implement to raise awareness and ensure succcess.


Advocate for the best care for all children.


Our Objectives

Identify innovation that improves the healthcare outcomes of children via consistent use of the Medical Home or closing care gaps in areas where primary care is not accessible for all.

Communicate and disseminate available resources, tools and processes for providing quality pediatric care

Support the advancement and adoption of technologies designed to support and improve the health and wellbeing of all children.


Our Partners

Our partners are companies that we have selected because they share our mission and have a “best practice” digital health innovation that fosters better care and offers high value to pediatric patients and their families.

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