IPI History & Timeline


IPI is formed to benefit children with a focus on Medications & Med Administration

...not developed for easy administration for children.The first discovery was Epaned- 
a high blood pressure 

Don Lombardi joined with Austin Children’s Hospital to begin IPI- conquering the need for Medications needed for the benefit of children
-often medications were....


Consortium developed to identify the most prevalent Hospital Acquired Conditions for Children

  • Proclapsys central line blood infections was one such example

These clinicians developed the most prevalent hospital acquired conditions


3 Hospitalized acquired conditions developed and devices to assist with those conditions rolled out


Consortium formed (Mercy Hospital, Lucille Packard, Rainbow & Texas Childrens)

out of CO and dispensed in 400 hospital pharmacies across the US

Working with the consortium, a drug in powdered form was picked up by Silvergate Pharmaceuticals....


Received grants from New England Pediatric Device Consortium

This consortium worked to get grants from the FDA to further developments 
(Steven Behm & Jonathan


We developed a cocoon device and  a device to prevent unintended extubation. We also developed help for unitended overdosing...


Don Lombardi left IPI to develop Haxide to further develop innovations for kids

More of what was done in the past or pivot to drive new peds innovations

2018 dilemma was ‘what is the way forward?’

Mick Connors reached out about becoming the non profit arm for Anytime Pediatrics as he sought innovations for children and impacts nationally.

Introduction of new concept- Non Profit arm for childrens innovations



Invited new Board Members to join IPI to join existing members

New board members were invited to join existing members as the board was re-envisioned and refreshed to identify new initiatives for ongoing developments

  • Endo trachial tool

  • Provisional patents filed

  • Color changes notes

Mission & Values Reimagined