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The Institute for Pediatric Innovation
Launches forward to drive pediatric innovation to underserved areas.

Institute for Pediatric Innovation

Pediatricians are rightly concerned with the physical health of their young patients, but good health is about more than just the body. It's also about everyday things like family dynamics, school performance, and self-expression. They think more broadly, so they can address whole child development while treating specific medical conditions.

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The Institute for Pediatric Innovation is working to improve the healthcare system for kids. They are doing this by discovering new and innovative ways to solve problems in pediatric care and working with the brightest minds in academia, industries, and government to create an environment where collaboration can flourish, and new ideas can be born. IPI was composed of a group of doctors, researchers, and business people who all share a common goal: improving the healthcare system for kids. They realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to pediatric care, so they are focusing on creating innovative solutions that can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual child. In addition to providing support and resources to innovators, IPI also provides a forum for sharing knowledge and forging relationships with key stakeholders around the world. All this for the pursuit of bringing innovations to the least served.

About Pediatric Innovation

In 2006, IPI was formed to benefit children with a focus on Medications and Med Administration. It was founded on the belief that children do not always receive the same level of attention as adults when it comes to young ailments and medications. A consortium was developed in 2008 to identify the most prevalent Hospital-Acquired Conditions for Children. In 2014, IPI received Royalties on Medication from Silvergate Pharmaceuticals for a high blood pressure medication.  Then they developed a cocoon device in 2017 to decrease the incidence of central line blood infections. Another device is in development to prevent unintended extubations.


In 2018,  IPI changed its focus, when Dr. Mick Connors reached out to IPI and  offered it a position in becoming the non-profit arm for Anytime Pediatrics as he sought innovations for children nationally. In 2020, new board members were invited to join existing members as the board was re-envisioned and refreshed to identify new initiatives for ongoing developments. This year marked the 16th anniversary of IPI, where their Mission and Values were reimagined.

One of their most impactful accomplishments over this past decade has been the pediatric formulation of medicine that kids with chronic hypertension need to take daily in precise doses in order to avoid life-long heart and kidney disease.

IPI was founded to create novel pathways that overcome the long-standing economic barriers that have prevented companies from developing medicines and devices for treating children. They are committed to working with their partners in the public, private, academic, philanthropic, and patient communities to improve the health outcomes of all children. To learn more about how IPI can help your company bring new treatments for pediatric diseases into clinical trials faster than ever before, visit their website or contact them at (401) 465-4544.