Our Partners

Our partners are companies that share our passion for technology and pediatric health.


 They support our mission and help us  to foster best practice and innovation.

With their help, we can offer high-value  solutions to pediatric patients and their families as we bridge the digital divide.


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Anytime Pediatrics partners with board-certified pediatricians and clinicians to act as a connector between clinician and patient.


As a cloud-based virtual care solution, Anytime Pediatrics supports patient satisfaction, promotes continuity of care, prevents patient loss, and creates new revenue opportunities. In addition to common telemedicine features, Anytime Pediatrics serves your practice and helps drive patient adoption by providing marketing content and tools, customized workflows and ongoing support, such as provider and staff training.

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Connected 2 Consulting has brought together a team of healthcare leaders to size that meets your business needs.
create a dynamic group of experts and specialists within private medical practice operations. Our passion is to help you provide what your customers want and need, through caring and efficient methods.Providing expertise and custom services at the size that meets your business needs.


Hearts Connected is a professional organization that connects children facing challenging situations to Child Life Specialists who are certified and clinically trained to support kids of all ages. The mission of Hearts Connected is to meet the unique needs of children, teens, and families facing difficult situations and stressful life transitions.